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Resources and Services

The Haven is dedicated to providing trustworthy, high-quality holistic care for every client as they heal through their unique situations and symptoms. As such, we value and respect other providers who exhibit the core values we embrace daily - safety, professionalism, innovation, expertise, and community.

Below is a list of local practitioners and businesses we highly recommend for continued care and services. Each link will take you directly to their website and contact information.

Recommended Local Practitioners

Hulsebus Chiropractic

Dr. Laura Hulsebus - St. Peter , MN

Rising Sun Chiropractic 

Dr. Seth Nelson - St. Peter, MN

St. Peter Chiro & Acupuncture

Dr. Charles Uhler - St. Peter, MN

Hello Wellness + Chiropractic  Co.

Dr. Jessica Stensland - Mankato, MN

Valley View Dental

Dr. Jennifer Miller - St. Peter, MN

Collective Remedy Therapy

Alyssa Baker, MSW, LICSW - Mankato, MN

Southern Minnesota Thermography

Abby Matzky, PhD, Owner - Mankato, MN

Thistle Patch Wellness

Kara Swenson, Herbalist and Integrative Nutritionist

Resources & Research

Book: Mending the Sacred Self, by Dr. Cami Gillett

Course: 100 Days to Me, by Dr. Cami Gillett

Have a recommendation?

We are always interested in connecting with other practitioners and businesses. If you have a recommendation for our list, please let us know!

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