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Our Brands

The Haven is unwavering in its commitment to providing customers with only the finest and safest products, ensuring a shopping experience you can trust and enjoy. Here is a little bit about the brands we carry.

Nuwati Herbals

Nuwati Herbals began in August 2002, at a small show in St. Louis, Missouri.  At least that was the first public display of the Nuwati products. The idea and the premise was established over 50 years ago when my Grandma would send me out, at the age of 5, to gather herbs, bark, roots, flowers, and leaves, from which she would make Medicine. She taught me the proper way to gather, so that there would always be plants for future generations. I developed a special connection with Nature, and required close contact and frequent encounters with the woods and Mother Earth.

Rowe Casa Organics

From the beginning, Rowe Casa Organics has been on mission to provide safe, natural, and non-toxic products that you can trust. Rowe Casa Organics are on a mission to provide clean, non-toxic, high quality, and completely natural and effective products. They are constantly pursuing the best ingredients found in nature along with working alongside organic chemists and third-party testers to ensure maximum potency, efficacy, and quality with every ingredient and product. These products help with immunity, hormones, skin, sleep, detox, pain, lymphatic health, children's health, and more. 

Lightslada Candles

Handcrafted in Minnesota, Lightslada candles infuse your space with warmth and creativity. Made with the safest, top-notch ingredients, they promise a clean burn. They're more than just candles - they're an experience. Dive into a world of cozy vibes and let these candles light up your world safely and beautifully. Room sprays and oil diffusers are also available for non-flame options, as well.

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